Dennis H. Karpowitz

Professor Emeritus Clinical Psychology
Primary office:


Research Interests

My main interest is understanding and facilitating change processes. My research has examined the following areas: obesity and weight loss; developing self-control; and measuring and facilitating positive relationship, marriage and family functioning.

Selected Publications

Karpowitz, D.H. (2001). American families in the 1990s and beyond. In M. J. Fine and S. W. Lee (Eds.) Handbook of Diversity in Parent Education, N. Y.: Academic Press, 3-14.

Karpowitz, D.H. (2002). Latchkey Children. In N. J. Salkind (Ed) Child Development. Farmington Hills, MI: McMillan, 232-235.

Karpowitz, D.H. (2002). Bringing Joy to Your Marriage: Practical, Spiritual and Psychological Principles. North Chelmsford, MA: Erudition Books. (with Diane Karpowitz)

Karpowitz, D. H. and Karpowitz, D. D. (2011). Marriage and Family. Lawrence, Kansas: University of Kansas Press.