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Admin Services

Photocopying & Scanning Requests
Shipping & Mailing Services
Make-Up Exams
Room Reservations
Office Supplies
Storage & Shredding
Media Checkout

Photocopying & Scanning Requests

Copy Requests:

Please turn completed copy request slips in with each copy request. The forms can be found in the main office above the postage machine near the front door. All copy requests must give a three business day deadline. Your copy request will be added to the copy queue and will be completed as soon as possible. You may also email your request via an attachment to psychology@ku.edu but please include the same information on this request (number of copies, color of paper, double sided/stapled etc). You will be emailed once your copies are complete and ready for pickup, unless the copies will fit in your mailbox. Exam copies will be kept in a locked cabinet in the main office for security purposes.

Scanning Requests:

We can also scan books or other items into Adobe PDF format to email to you. Please note the page numbers or chapter number(s). Please complete the copy request slip and circle PDF when you turn it in to the main office and make sure you provide your email address.

There are two MFD’s (Multi Function Device) in the main office. The big MFD can staple, duplex and three hole punch your copy job if needed. The small MFD is for smaller copy jobs. It can also print/copy in color but in limited quantities, usually 40 or less.

Shipping and Mailing Services


Mailboxes are located in 425 FR, next to the main office. All active and most retired faculty have mailboxes in addition to staff. There are program mailboxes for all of our programs excluding Clinical Child because their mail is sent straight to Dole. There are graduate student mailboxes for GTA’s. If you are a graduate student but you are not teaching for us, your mail will be placed in your program’s mailbox for further sorting.

Campus Mail

Envelopes for campus mail can be found in the mailroom on top of the Faculty Mailboxes. Campus Mail is generally picked up and delivered once daily around 9:30 am Monday-Friday. Campus mail should be dropped in the clear bin on the floor outside of 426C Fraser that is marked CAMPUS MAIL ONLY.

Please note that campus mail only delivers based on the recipient’s name and department name and will not deliver any items that are addressed with only a name and room number. Campus mail will not deliver books or federal mail. Any campus mail deemed unsuitable by campus mail will be returned to the sender.

Federal Mail (U.S. and International)

Federal Mail can be dropped into the U.S. mail bin in the main Fraser Hall mailroom, 425 Fraser. Outgoing mail is picked up once a day, generally in the late afternoon, Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

If you need postage on your outgoing mail, please drop it in the “To Be Mailed” bin in the PSYC main office. One of the office staff or hourlies will add postage and drop it in the mail bin for pickup. If you send personal mail, please note we will charge you for the postage. State funds can not be used to send personal mail.

FedEx, UPS, and DHL

UPS and Federal Express services are both available through the PSYC main office. We have U.S. or international airbills to be filled out for each shipment. We have envelopes and boxes of various sizes for both services, although we usually use Fed Ex. We try to reserve the use of these services for more pressing deadlines and large items.

Please bring the materials you would like to ship and the recipient’s name and contact information so we can assist you in preparing your shipment. If you would like your shipment to go out the same day you prepare it, please bring it to the PSYC main office before 9:00 am so we can call and have it picked up. Pickups called in after 9:00 am may not be picked up until the next day.

If you have to send something personal, you will be billed for the cost of the shipment once the invoice has been received.

Package Pickup

Most packages are delivered to the Main Office. When packages arrive the recipient is notified via email that they have a package available to pick up. Small packages will be placed in your mailbox. Large packages will be held in the main office. We are not responsible for missing packages. If extra security is needed on a particular package, please notify us at Psychology@ku.edu in advance so we can arrange this.

Make Up Exams

Make Up Exams:

You must reserve rooms for make-up exams in advance with our front office staff. Please complete the small request form (above postage machine in our front office) to specify your instructions for the exam. The office staff will not proctor an exam. We will only place the student in the examination room and secure their completed exam for your pick up. Once the student has completed their exam we will keep the completed exam locked in our cabinet and email you to pick up.

When scheduling this make-up exam, please remember that we leave at 5pm M-R and 4:30pm on F. The students must have their exams completed by the time our staff leaves.

Room Reservations

If you need to reserve a room for research, meetings, make-up exams, etc. please email Psychology@ku.edu or stop by our main office.

Once we have a room scheduled, we will email a copy of the reservation to you. We have some rooms in Fraser that can be checked out without going through central scheduling: 327 FR, 447 FR, 458 FR, 537 FR, 547 FR. Please provide the info below when you request a room reservation:

Your Name and Event name (lab meeting, meeting, colloquium, thesis/dissertation defense, etc)
Date requested\Time frame needed (start time, end time, how many hours, etc)
# of attendees expected
Laptop/projector/other equipment/support needed

Office Supplies

The main office has access to all the office supplies.  If we do not have what you need on-hand, we can easily order it within a couple of days, if it not a specialty item. Ink cartridges are supplied for departmental printers. The office must be made aware of your printer type and ink requirements in order to insure that ink will be stocked for your printer. We are not required to keep ink stocked for your personal or non-work related printers and cannot order it. Ask the main office staff if you need white or colored printer paper. It can be ordered by the box if paid for by a grant or personally if needed.

Used Ink cartridges can simply be given to any of the main office staff. Recycle in appropriate box on fourth floor.

Storage & Shredding

We have storage available in the attic of Fraser to store class, research, and administrative materials. We have the boxes and labels available through the front office that need to be used for this storage. We will only keep class materials for three years and graduate student research materials will only be kept for three years. All other materials will be disposed of according the administrative directions needed for those materials. To lighten the load of arranging multi moves per year, as well as cost effectiveness, we will be taking boxes to the attic twice per year, January and July.  So please follow these dates for student office moves, lab purging, and office purging.

  • You will be notified of the exact dates after arrangements have been made for that month.
  • No boxes will be accepted at any other time due to storage constraints.
  • Recycling-Paper bin on the left-hand side, under the faculty mailboxes in the Mailroom.
  • Document shredding. Any document containing personal information (i.e. KU ID numbers, student phone numbers or addresses, social security numbers, etc.) MUST be shredded, NOT thrown in the trash or recycled. Documents to be shredded should be placed in its designated box, 426 Fraser.

Media Checkout

Laptops, projectors, digital cameras, and media cabinet keys are available in the main office to be checked out. You can request these items by emailing Psychology@ku.edu or coming to the main office and reserving them in person. Indicate what you need and how long you need it. Make sure to give plenty of notice because we cannot guarantee that equipment will be available. These items are available for short-term loan only.