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Psychology Graduate Program

Graduate Certificate in Health Psychology Overview

Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in courses taken in the certificate program and maintain good standing in any University program of study for which they are enrolled.

At least once per year the participants will be required to meet with the Health Psychology Certificate Director or Assistant Director to discuss progress in the Certificate Program. Those meetings will need to take place in the spring advising period and will be prompted by the Assistant Director.

A student pursuing the Health Psychology Certificate can take no longer than 4 years to pursue the certificate unless a leave of absence or other extenuating circumstances are present. In either event a petition letter would need to be submitted to the Director and Co-Director during the 4th year of enrollment.

Course Requirements

To complete the Health Psychology Graduate Certification, 12 credit hours* must be completed within 4 academic years.

*Only one course outside of Psychology can be included in these 12 credit hours.

Previous Special Event(s)
Undergraduate Recognition Ceremony - May 11th, 2018