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PSYC Graduate Student Handbook

The handbook describes the most essential aspects of graduate study in Psychology at the University of Kansas as determined by Departmental policy and University regulations. It contains detailed descriptions of exam procedures, department requirements, and campus resources.

Handbook Appendix Documents

College Office of Graduate Affairs (COGA)

The College Office of Graduate Affairs (COGA) is responsible for graduate program quality and degree completion. COGA offers MA and PhD checklists for graduation requirements, and maintains a set of useful links to pages in the KU Policy Library relevant to graduate students. Current students are subject to all of these policies in addition to their catalog requirements. Please consult the policy links with any questions about University policy.

Graduate Catalog

All requirements for the degrees are listed in the Academic Catalog page for Psychology. Your requirements are set by the Catalog that is in effect in the first semester of your studies. You may opt to switch to a later revision of the Catalog. To view your Catalog, select a year on the Academic Catalogs page, open Liberal Arts and Sciences, find Psychology, and click on your degree.

Departmental Graduate Student Resources

  • Thesis and Dissertation Formatting Workshop Video and Guide