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Psychology Centennial Celebration

2016 Centennial Guest Lecture Series

On Friday April 29th, 2016, Six of our alumni and previous faculty members joined us as part of a Lecture Series to present their current research and celebrate our 100th year as an established department at The University of Kansas. This event was attended by alumni, friends, faculty, students and the greater KU community. The Psychology Department was honored to be visited by so many friends, old and new. To see the full listing of the Lecture Series that took place, you may download our flyer [PDF].

To learn more about our Guest Speakers, take a moment to view their Centennial Posters!

Dr. Annette Stanton, KU Alumna & Previous Faculty, Professor at UCLA - POSTER [PDF]
Dr. Mark Ashcraft, KU Alumnus, Professor at University of Nevada-Las Vegas - POSTER [PDF]
Dr. Paul Silvia, KU Alumnus, Associate Professor at University of North Carolina-Greensboro - POSTER [PDF]
Dr. Monica Tsethlikai, KU Alumna, Assistant Professor at Arizona State University - POSTER [PDF]
Dr. Terri Vescio, KU Alumna, Professor at Penn State University - POSTER [PDF]
Dr. Margaret Beale Spencer, KU Alumna, Professor/Chair at University of Chicago - POSTER [PDF]

We had several posters presented of just a few of our many notable faculty that have been, and some still, with our department over these last 100 years. Please take a moment to check out some beloved members of our department!

Psychology Centennial Celebration, 100 years of Psychology-Related Education, Collaboration and Innovation

Dr. Roger Barker [PDF] 1947-1971
Dr. Jack Brehm [PDF] 1975-2009
Dr. Bernadette Grey-Little [PDF] 2009-Present
Dr. Fritz Heider [PDF] 1948-1988
Dr. Carl Lejuez [PDF] 2016-Present
Dr. Kathleen McCluskey-Fawcett [PDF] 1977, 1993-Present
Dr. Rick Snyder [PDF] 1972-2006
Mary Townsend [PDF] 1965-1982
Dr. Beatrice Wright [PDF] 1951-1988
Dr. Lawrence Wrightsman 1976-2008

If you have any questions about our centennial event, please contact us at 785-864-4131 or psychology@ku.edu