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Recognizing the Class of 2021

Department of Psychology

With countless hours of reading, writing, studying, presenting, providing data, collecting data, analyzing data, etc., earning a Bachelor’s degree is difficult work. Your work this year was made even more difficult with all of the changes in our lives that we had to make in response to COVID. This year everyone made many sacrifices, and we all experienced losses of many kinds. Being able to earn your degree despite all of this should show you how strong and resilient you are. Each year the Department of Psychology swells with pride as we watch our graduates leave the nest and make their way in the world. This year the graduating class of 2021 makes us feel a bit more proud than usual. Like the mythical phoenix, all of you Jayhawks will rise from all of this to make the world a better place. As Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience majors you have a skill set like no other major on campus. With the tools that you have acquired and honed here at KU you will renew hope and optimism in others. You will help others, teach others, inspire others, and do so with the passion and compassion that only Jayhawks have. Be sure to keep in touch with your professors to update them on the successes (and the failures, too) that you encounter in the future. Congratulations Class of 2021!


—Prof. Vitevitch

Pomp and Circumstance

Alma Mater


Undergraduate Students

Hailey Amro

Madeline G. Anderson

Rhonda Lorraine Anzawi

Ilexa Axelrod

Lorrana Fernandes Bariani

Destiny Jo Hope Beal

Samantha Bessette

Arliegh Blakeney

Tai Duong Bounyareth

Kathryn Buhrmeister

Delaney Ann Burns

Jaya Chakka

Kristen Copple

Daryn Alexis Crawford

Christine Joy Cruz

Megan Curry

Ella E. Davids

Emily Simone Doffing

Arianna Fallahian

Bailey E. Fennesy

Megan K. Foley

Vaughn Gessley

Namoos Haider

Camille Henderson

Adrian Illes

Michelle A. Jones

Jessica Kahmann

Muriel Ardis Kelly

Maddie Kentch

James Kobbe

Jordan E. Leo

Rachel Elizabeth Long

Maria Christina Lydic

Elyse McBride

Allison Lynn McDill

Aleesa J. Meek

Maggie Mullen

Mary Kathleen Agnes Mylar

Leo Niehorster-Cook

Ella Nordell-Morris

Sara Elizabeth Oberg

Izaya Ogden

Brandon Xavier Pitts

Riley R. Ricket

Paulo Ringor

Ashley Michelle Schliesman

Grace Schmidt

Riley Kay Sherwood

Megan Elizabeth Schulte

Katherine Springer

Aubrey Valentich

Hallie Wilhelm

Danial Wilson

Rachel Wolf

Ying Qing Won

Zhitong Shen



Graduate Students

Lauren Bayless

Kendall Kohnle


The "Stage" Party

Liz Barton (Senior Academic Advisor, Lawrence)

Prof. Omri Gillath

Taylor Hanna-Peterson (Academic Advisor, Lawrence)

Prof. RaLynn Schmalzried

Prof. Michael Vitevitch

Prof. Amber Watts