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Services available through the main office

Photocopying Requests

Photocopy request slips can be found in the literature sorter on top of the cabinet directly to your left as you walk into the main office.  Make sure to fill out the form correctly and completely. If you are not sure how to fill it out ask the staff. Please turn in requests with, at least, a 3 (THREE) day turn-around time. Place completed request(s) and appropriate document(s) in the “To Be Copied” basket. *Requests should be emailed if possible but be sure to include the same information needed on the request form.  Email to If copy requests are put in a staff member's mailbox, please email the account and the staff member to them know that a copy request was put in their mailbox.  Completed copies (except exams) will be put in faculty mailboxes if the stack of copies fits. If the copies won't fit in a faculty mailbox, they can be picked in the main office. Copy requests turned in by graduate students can be picked up from the main office in most cases. Exams and quizzes will be locked up behind the front desk before and after they are copied. Please let staff/student hourly know if you are in the main office to pick up an exam/quiz and they will retrieve it for you from the exam cabinet.

Word Processing/Typing, and Printing Requests

The main office can assist with letters of recommendation, mailings, special projects, and data entry. You will need to allow ample time for larger projects. Please bring requests to Cindy (Office Manager) so she can appropriately assign the work and confirm procedures and completion deadlines.

Scanning Requests

Photocopying Request Forms can be used for Scanning Requests. If copies are needed from a book, journal, etc., note the page numbers or chapter number(s). Note on the form that you would like the document(s) scanned to PDF under “Special Instructions”. The file will be emailed to you and originals will be placed in your mailbox, unless otherwise indicated. Due to copyright restrictions, we will not photocopy entire books. If you need a copy of a book, contact Mary Strickell 4-4195 to order the book for you.


  • Campus Mail

        Envelopes can be found in the mailroom on top of the Faculty Mailboxes.  Be sure to put the name and/or department of where you want to send the envelope.  Campus Mail can be dropped into the Campus Mailbox, located to the left of the shredding box in the main office. Campus Mail will not deliver by room number so please make sure you have the correct name and department name on the campus mail envelope or it will be returned to you for the correct department name.

  • Federal (U.S.) Mail

        Place mail needing to be stamped in the “To Be Mailed” basket on credenza in main office. Already stamped mail can be put in the USPS Mail Bin, located on the floor under the faculty mailboxes on the right-hand side. Any outgoing mail should put in the bin before 10:00 am.

  • FedEx and UPS

        These services are available through the Main Office.  Forms can be obtained from the office staff. We try to reserve the use of these services for more pressing deadlines.

Package Pickup

Most packages are delivered to the psychology main office.. When packages arrive, the recipient is notified via email that they have a package to pick up unless it will fit in their mailbox. If you do not pick the package up within a few days, you will receive a reminder email. Packages are placed in or on the cabinet to your left as you enter the main office. If you need assistance finding your package, please ask a student hourly or staff member. The office is not responsible for missing packages.


Fax cover sheets are found on the wall to the right of the copier in the main office. All faxes require a cover sheet. Make sure to indicate clearly the number to send the fax. Please indicate if the fax is personal or business for billing purposes.

Make-up/Alternative Exam Requests

Forms can be found on the wall to the right of the copier in the main office. You must reserve a room for make-up exams in advance. Please remember that we leave at 5pm Monday through Thursday and 4:30pm on Fridays. The students must have their exams completed by 4:30pm on any day it is scheduled.. The staff will not proctor an exam. We will only place the student in the examination room. If the exam is a final, you must allot enough time for the student to take the exam as if they were taking it in the classroom. We will not schedule exams after 3:00 pm Monday through Friday. Final exams should be scheduled to allow 2.5-3 hours instead of 1.5 hours. Let the staff member or student hourly know if you are scheduling a Final so they can book the room accordingly.


Scantrons are available in the main office. As one of our cost cutting measures, we will only give scantrons to instructors that have more than 45 per class section unless you are a graduate student taking the PSYC 981 Teaching Psychology course.

Office Supplies

The main office has access to all the office supplies.  If we do not have what you need on-hand, we can easily order it within a couple of days, if it not a specialty item. Ink cartridges are supplied for departmental printers. The office must be made aware of your printer type and ink requirements in order to insure that ink will be stocked for your printer. We are not required to keep ink stocked for your personal or non-work related printers and cannot order it. Ask the main office staff if you need white or colored printer paper. It can be ordered by the box if paid for by a grant or personally if needed.


We have storage available in the attic of Fraser to store class, research, and administrative materials. We have the boxes and labels available through the front office that need to be used for this storage. We will only keep class materials for three years and graduate student research materials will only be kept for three years. All other materials will be disposed of according the university retention policy for those materials. To lighten the load of arranging multiple moves per year, as well as cost effectiveness, we will be taking boxes to the attic twice per year, approximately January and July.


Additional Resources Available in the Main Office

  • Copier in the Main Office-ONLY for copying of 10 or less pages. (this is a single page copied 10 times)
  • Recycling-Blue paper bin on the left-hand side, under the faculty mailboxes in the Mailroom.
  • Ink cartridges can be requested from any of the student hourlies or main office staff if an hourly is not available. Recycle in toner cartridge recycling bin by big blue recycling bins between the elevators on fourth floor of Fraser..
  • Document shredding. Any document containing personal information (i.e. KU ID numbers, student phone numbers or addresses, social security numbers, etc.) MUST be shredded, NOT thrown in the trash or recycled. Documents to be shredded should be given to main office staff or placed in the Shred bins in, 426 Fraser.
  • Video Library-Staff can assist you with checkout.
  • Lamination-We can laminate 8.5x11 sheets, and smaller “wallet” sized items.
  • Binding-We have a manual binding machine that binds with the black plastic spines.


Media Checkout
Laptops, projectors, digital cameras, and media cabinet keys are available in the main office to be checked out. You can request these items by emailing or coming to the main office and reserving them in person. Indicate what you need and how long you need it. Make sure to give plenty of notice because we cannot guarantee that equipment will be available.

Room Reservations
If you need to reserve a room for research, meetings, make-up exams, etc. email

  • Make-up/Alternative Exam Rooms  Room 436 is First Choice. Please email or speak with student hourly or staff to sign out the room. It will hold two students at a time unless they are taking the same exam or if they require a quiet room due to an accommodation.  If Room 436 is full or you have more than 2 students taking an exam at one time, you can use Room 447 to administer an exam. Please use the same method of checkout as for room 436. This room can hold a Maximum of 6 students at one time. We will not monitor the students after we place them in the room.
  • Classroom Reservations Initial classroom reservations are figured out when scheduling occurs. Additional classroom reservations need to be emailed to .
    Lab/Research/Meeting Email . Be sure to explain what you need the room for and about how many people will be occupying the room. If none of our internal rooms (327, 458, 537, and 547) are available, your request will be forwarded to central room scheduling. Be sure to give at least One Week Notice on all reservations, otherwise there is no guarantee that a room has been assigned to you. If you need a room(s) for a long term study, please request all times and days at once. You will receive a confirmation email if you have been assigned a room

The University of Kansas prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, national origin, age, ancestry, disability, status as a veteran, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, retaliation, gender identity, gender expression and genetic information in the University’s programs and activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies and is the University’s Title IX Coordinator: the Executive Director of the Office of Institutional Opportunity and Access,, 1246 W. Campus Road, Room 153A, Lawrence, KS, 66045, (785)864-6414, 711 TTY.