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If you intend to use completed NDS coursework to strengthen your profile for graduate study, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies to determine your options. Completion of NDS coursework to fulfill prerequisites will not guarantee admission to the KU graduate program in psychology. However, students who have studied psychology and/or gained appropriate experience via self-study and who lack fulfillment of academic area prerequisites may consider applying to the department as NDS students to make up any gaps in academic study.

Application Deadlines:

  • Spring – January 1
  • Summer – May 1
  • Fall – August 1

Application Materials:

  • A Brief Personal Statement indicating your academic preparedness and personal or professional motivation for taking coursework in the Department of Psychology
  • Official Transcripts from undergraduate and post-baccalaureate institutions
  • Applicants who indicate English is not their native language: Proof of English proficiency, as required by the Office of Graduate Studies.

Department Contact:

Kirsten Hermreck, M.A.
Graduate Academic Advisor
College Office of Graduate Affairs