The Diversity Committee

Mission Statement

The Clinical Psychology Program at the University of Kansas seeks to recognize diverse perspectives and experiences of the members of our program, our clients, and the greater community. In pursuing this goal, the faculty, staff, and students strive to enhance the education, training, and impact of the program. We recognize that diversity is an intersection of multiple identities, which includes, but is not limited to: race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, able-bodiedness and physical abilities, family status, marital status, parental status, and national origin.  We are committed to ensuring that our program teaches students the importance of conducting research and clinical work in a manner that supports, validates, and respects the multicultural background of all members of the program and the University, our clients, and the community.

2020-2021 Diversity Committee 

Faculty Advisor

Monica Biernat, PhD

Graduate Student Co-Chairs
Alexis Exum, Clinial Psychology Program
Johanna Ramirez, Clinical Psychology Program
Ilana Engel, Clinical Psychology Program
Sarah Johnson, Clinical Psychology Program

Events Sponsored by the Psychology Department Diversity Committee

Fall 2019 Events
Food for Thought
Led by Dr. Chris Crandall
Topic: A look into the idea of "belonging" in and outside of college campuses
November 1st, 4pm
Spring 2020 Events
Professional Seminar with Invited Speaker
Presenter: Dr. Jennifer Ng
Interim Vice Provost, Diversity and Equity
Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
February 7, 4pm

Featured Past Events

Diversity Panel at Clinical Psychology 75th Reunion
This panel was meant to provide learning opportunities and insights into future directions for the diversity committee and serve as an opportunity to reflect upon trends in diversity within the clinical psychology program. To facilitate this discussion, we invited alumni who have been involved with student organizations that promoted diversity or have a particular interest in diversity related topics. 
The panelists included: 
Catrina Litzenburg
Alexis Exum 
Tiffany Meites 
June 21, 2019