The KU Divsersity Committee Presents:

Graduate School 101

April 16, 2021 from 11am to 3pm CDT

This workshop is an introduction to graduate school for diverse individuals. We will explore what higher education looks like in the field of psychology and give our own unique perspectives as graduate students and faculty at the University of Kansas. Registration is now open, and will close on Friday, April 9th. 

Registration CLOSED


Grad School 101: Introduction to Graduate School
In this session, we will provide a brief overview of the graduate school experience. We'll discuss what different degrees and programs might look like, explain what each degree might allow you to do, and end with what you need to start doing now to prepare to gain admission to a program.
11:00am-12:00pm CDT
Parallel Lunch Sessions:
International Students in Graduate School
A presentation aimed at any international students who may be interested in pursuing a graduate school career, but are unsure how that might be possible. We will explore the experiences of some students who have knowledge and experience about some of the processes and barriers for international graduate students.
First Generation Students in Graduate School
A presentation aimed at individuals who are the first in their family to attend college or graduate school. We will discuss some of the unknowns and doubts associated with a graduate degree.
Non-Traditional or Non-Psychology Students in Graduate School
A presentation aimed at individuals who are not or did not apply to graduate school right after completing their undergraduate degree, or those going back to school, as well as those without a psychology major. We will explore what it will take to get the prerequisites for graduate school and discuss the time commitments that may be more difficult to manage at a later stage in life.
12:00-12:30pm CDT
Graduate Stuent Panel
This panel will include current graduate students from different programs at the University of Kansas that will answer any questions you have about what graduate school is like, how they got in, and what their career plans are for the future.
12:30-1:30pm CDT
Financing a Degree and Application
This presentation will focus on the financial aspects of applying to and attending graduate school. We will discuss waivers and other available aid for the application process as well as how to determine if you will be funded for your degree and how to find funding on your own if it is not provided. We will also discuss the funding that KU offers its graduate students.
1:30-2:00pm CDT
Faculty Presentations and Panel
This final panel will include faculty presentations of their current research and a brief description of their career path, as well as some insight into what they look for in a graduate student. After presentations, some faculty will be available for questions related to getting into graduate school, careers with a Ph.D., and academic or clinical careers. 
2:00-3:00pm CDT
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