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Undergraduate Program

Prospective Psychology Majors

Our mission in the Department of Psychology at the University of Kansas is to further our understanding of behavior and the physiological, cognitive, and social processes associated with behavior. Psychology is also the profession that applies the science of behavior to practical problems, such as clinical, psychological disorders. This mission includes the discovery and dissemination of laws and principles pertaining to both individual and group psychological functioning and its development. In addition to doing this critical empirical research, we expend great effort in training students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels so that students will be well equipped with the knowledge and methods that will place them at the forefront of progress across a broad range of the psychological disciplines.

Admission to Psychology Major Requirements

We encourage all students to plan early and carefully! All new and current psychology majors are encouraged to meet with our psychology advisor. Meeting with our advisor early on and regularly during your academic career will ensure you are on the right track for a timely graduation and that you are taking the necessary courses. Our department is continuously growing and evolving to meet our student needs, so regular advisory meetings will give you early insight into upcoming opportunities and changes!

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) / Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.) - Major in Psychology

The Department of Psychology has no admission prerequisites or requirements before declaring a major under our B.A./B.G.S. degrees. In order to declare as a Psychology major, students may schedule an appointment with one of our departmental advising specialists - Taylor Hanna-Peterson (students with last names A-H), Kirsten Lanpher (students with last names I-R), or Liz Barton (students with last names S-Z)

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) - Major in Behavioral Neuroscience

For complete information on admissions and requirements for this program visit our B.S. in Behavioral Neuroscience section.

Admission for BS Behavioral Neuroscience Major [PDF]‚Äč